Monday, December 6, 2010 about to launch

As like minds, we recognize that The Beatles are much more than a thirteen album catalogue. In that sprit Beatlespeak presents the evolving exploration, understanding, recognition and possibilities that their influence has awakened in us. This is a place to find out the how and why of what where and when. It is a judgment free place of possibilities, conformation, discovery, closure, epiphany, peace and love.

The gifts of the muse are interpreted individually by each who embraces them: just as each witness describes a sunset differently, an artists’ work speaks to each of us as individuals. Here at Beatlespeak the storm is the song and each snowflake a possible interpretation. There is a Jewish folktale about a discussion between Moses and his Creator that will help us understand. Moses finds the all mighty painting crowns upon the letters in the Torah / Old Testament that was given to Moses. “What are those crowns for?” “They are for a scholar who is not yet born!” “Please show me” asks Moses, and in an instant he is seated at the back of a class in a school room a thousand years into the future. God points out a student in the front row and the two listen to the lecture, its questions and summations. Then at the stroke of the clock, the classroom melts away and Moses, astonished and confused begins to ask…but is silenced, hearing “I told you, they are for a scholar yet unborn.” This tale is loaded with more symbolism than I understand, what I can tell you is that the custom in such schools is to have the brightest and the best sit at the front of the class. Both visitors are at the back, meaning that content of the work has more depth than the one who received it as well as the one who composed it.
We see, hear and read life as we are. Not as the painting or song or book is. It is perceived as we are how we are, when and how and WHO we are each time we take it in.

All that said . . . Is Love really all we need or is it All to Much? On one hand Charlie Manson perceived things from Helter Skelter that the Beatles never equated with the song. The other hand holds the last fifty years work in Humanities, The Arts, Communications, Metaphysics, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, The Mystic and Holistic, Neural and Spiritual that the Beatles may of never dreamed of. Well, Imagined.

And the answer comes back a “YES”

Use to connect the dots. Find out who is doing what and how you can contribute and participate. The Launch will be rolled out ASAP, This Neo-Lennonist just wanted to say at this time, forty years on and thirty since the time of tears. . . Dear John, THE DREAM ISN”T OVER.