Monday, December 6, 2010 about to launch

As like minds, we recognize that The Beatles are much more than a thirteen album catalogue. In that sprit Beatlespeak presents the evolving exploration, understanding, recognition and possibilities that their influence has awakened in us. This is a place to find out the how and why of what where and when. It is a judgment free place of possibilities, conformation, discovery, closure, epiphany, peace and love.

The gifts of the muse are interpreted individually by each who embraces them: just as each witness describes a sunset differently, an artists’ work speaks to each of us as individuals. Here at Beatlespeak the storm is the song and each snowflake a possible interpretation. There is a Jewish folktale about a discussion between Moses and his Creator that will help us understand. Moses finds the all mighty painting crowns upon the letters in the Torah / Old Testament that was given to Moses. “What are those crowns for?” “They are for a scholar who is not yet born!” “Please show me” asks Moses, and in an instant he is seated at the back of a class in a school room a thousand years into the future. God points out a student in the front row and the two listen to the lecture, its questions and summations. Then at the stroke of the clock, the classroom melts away and Moses, astonished and confused begins to ask…but is silenced, hearing “I told you, they are for a scholar yet unborn.” This tale is loaded with more symbolism than I understand, what I can tell you is that the custom in such schools is to have the brightest and the best sit at the front of the class. Both visitors are at the back, meaning that content of the work has more depth than the one who received it as well as the one who composed it.
We see, hear and read life as we are. Not as the painting or song or book is. It is perceived as we are how we are, when and how and WHO we are each time we take it in.

All that said . . . Is Love really all we need or is it All to Much? On one hand Charlie Manson perceived things from Helter Skelter that the Beatles never equated with the song. The other hand holds the last fifty years work in Humanities, The Arts, Communications, Metaphysics, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, The Mystic and Holistic, Neural and Spiritual that the Beatles may of never dreamed of. Well, Imagined.

And the answer comes back a “YES”

Use to connect the dots. Find out who is doing what and how you can contribute and participate. The Launch will be rolled out ASAP, This Neo-Lennonist just wanted to say at this time, forty years on and thirty since the time of tears. . . Dear John, THE DREAM ISN”T OVER.


Friday, October 9, 2009



Like Adom Kadmon emerging from the forest primordial to give name to animals 1.0 as the Creator Fashions thought into being, As if falling in love with the Loons’ call so to wait upon creation to beg its’ reprise. Listening to the timbre, the splendor in the subtle variations as the majestic bird calls to the new world... Only to have the heart swell to highs unimagined as its’ partners discharge is as beautiful, only filled with awareness anew for self, love, reason d’être! Sustenance, study and reward for a lifetime.


I sat in the second row of elevated seats (reds), stage right, parallel to the foot of the stage. Close enough to hear the music, to sing along. An oddity, A five year old in a suit, unusual and close enough to share eye contact, lyrics and a life defining moment. A moment not unlike the one portrayed In Pixars “Ratatouille”.


Once upon a vinyl time, we each owned our own unique copy of a record. The hiss, clicks and accumulated dust and scratches made each copy unlike any other in both sound and visual texture. The AAD CDs feel hollow, clone like. I never aspired to collect them all, at all. Post 08-12-80 may be the only reason. I didn’t relate to the UK pressings, although the reason for the Yesterday and Today Cover was made obvious. North America had taken the masterworks and butchered them. In Canada, “Beatlemania, with The Beatles”, “Twist and Shout” and “Long Tall Sally” were the initial releases. “The Second Beatles Record” WTF! Where were my Beatle Albums?


The veil is lifted. The thunder of creation has dimmed to reveal aspects of the song as pure as the original creation, as close as one could possibly be to the initial awareness, the thought that was the song as the muse whispered the color, hues, shadows, the personality and brilliance that could only now be perceived, appreciated and cherished in the creators dream. This is an unprecedented opportunity to experience a first for a second and third time.

I tremble with a joy and wonderment that Einstein exuded at the unseen power causing his first compass to dance. I’m chilled listening to “Yesterday” as I expect to feel Paul’s breath, his voice is that full of resonance and pure presence. The guitar sounds as exceptional as if it were being played right next to me in a lauthiers studio. The sound of fingers on the strings, strings vibrating in tone to the closeness of fingers’ prints ridges. This reaction to the Mono 320k mp3 both worries and infuses my anticipation of listing to the eighth copy of Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band that I’ve purchased since I was seven in the summer of love.


“Within You Without You” as an instrumental on the Anthology was a scent of ambrosia, Remastered, it is magickal, what was a town square of ballet, the full chorus on stage, is now Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Bessel, Hines, Kelly, Reinking and M.J. all performing in their prime. Then the Crescendo in to sweet astonishment as for the first time in countless listening, I hear the performance, its George breathing and counting himself into the last verse. Everything is brighter, more friendly and familiar than the rawness of the Anthologies and the remix’s on LOVE. It’s still my version only more personal, more warmth and unbelievably, more to love. Only access to a proper facility, or dissertation by the engineers involved ease my desire to hear John counting “Sugar Plum Fairy, Sugar Plum Fairy” beneath the “Reprise” in to “A Day In The Life” With every new listen to each song in Mono and then in Stereo I experience, at least, that moment.”

In My Life. . . .do I dare?

A Sufi Poet wrote - “He who Tastes, Knows”

I’d Love to Turn You On.


Dear Apple-clause

May I please have the reMasters on vinyl for Christmas

Saturday, July 25, 2009

On Thought, Love & Water

What I know.

Everything Is Energy

Thought is the most powerful energy.
The masterwork of human development is to direct thought.
Thought cares not where or how it is implemented.
The Human Mind is a Thought Transmitter - Receiver

Love is the most powerful Intent.
Evoking Love is the masterwork of human consciousness.
Love is infinite and immediate.
The Human Mind is a Love Transmitter - Receiver

Water is Alive
Water has Memory
Water crystallized while exposed to positive intent forms harmoniously.
Water frozen while exposed to negative intent, form erratic crystals.
The Human Body and The Earth are Composed of Equal parts Water.
Humans react to intent as does Water.

The hardest thing to give away is a Smile; everyone gives it back to you.

A person reading
I Love You” Transmits a Powerful Intent.

The person receiving the Intent
I Love You
Benefits and returns the Intent.

Everything receiving the Intent
I Love You
Benefits and returns the Intent.

And in

The Love you take is equal to the Love you make.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Came Back: LOVE

You Came Back!
With the exceptions of the Ninety somethingers’
only entomologists and certain Egyptian Mystery religions need ask,
“The bugs or the band?”

(For 20 points-What 70’s Band featured a Scarab as continuing theme in their album art?)

A little while ago someone put a bug in my ear about “What The Bleep - Down the Rabbit Hole” An Introduction towards understanding Kaballah for the rest of us.

All You Need is Love, All You Need is Love, Love is ALL You Need.

Peace & Love = The Beatles ! Right?
The only song in the catalog that mentions both is
Within You Without You”.

Yet another song that must have prompted Pete Townshend to write
“. . .Messiahs Pointed to The Door, But No One had The Guts to Leave the Temple “,
Who knew, So true, all too true, But I digress.

Love, It’s all about Love!

For the moment, I need to know, have you seen LOVE yet?
If no, make arrangements to go and experience it, NOW.
Have you heard LOVE?, No? OMG! Get it, NOW!!!
(Oh, how I wish you could just download it with a couple of clicks, but….
. . .Hey! Bea-AT-el! EMI! APPLE! - when? HUH! . . .H U H!!! yeesh!)
It is genius, genius on top of genius.

You Love Because, Right?!,

You Love it on the Third Anthology?, Right?,

You’ll Love Because on LOVE Because!

It is a fusion of A Day In The Life, The End, Free As A Bird, A Hard Days Night
into Get Back into Glass Onion…

LOVE IT--- It is truly Tantric!

But we were talking about Love. Love Is all you need. Agape! It is the feeling,

Is the whirling of a Dervish or the chanting of Zen Buddhist Monks a preparation for Prayer?

It is the prayer

It is Agape, it is Love, it is the space between us all, Love Is all And Love Is Everyone.

Listen: Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Bose-Einstein, Listen, Intention is everything; Intention affects everything that is In My Life. Choose what I think wisely, There is no out there Out There!

No place where we end and everything else begins –We are all connected.

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together".

Is it All Too Much?
Show me that I'm everywhere and get me home for tea!

And while the topic of discussion
will be on many matters

Beatle in nature,
this site is in NO way associated with Apple Corp.

However; Their Blessing would be most appreciated.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Begining

And while the topic of discussion will be on many matters
Beatle in nature, the site is in NO way associated with Apple Corp.

However; Their Blessing would be most appreciated.

Welcome Home!

After all, there’s no place you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be!

If you were there then, you’re there now. If you haven’t been there yet, no worries,
it will always be there for you.

There’s a place . . . where . . . Nothing is real.

The Dream isn’t over, it’s only just begun, if we can all sing together then the Universe is 1.

I used to think I was a neoLennonest,
but the longer I listen, I begin to see that Peace and Love are Georgeian as well, a Paulajest too!
Peace & Love. . .
. . . That’s so Ringo!

Somewhere between Please Please Me and In The End I embraced The Beatles In My Life.
Ask Me Why All You Need Is Love? I Want to Tell You!

New-Speak is the Language of a Utopia.

Utopia means unattainable, but Nineteen Eighty Four is Now,
The Boots of Fear, Death and War Are Marching either On You or In Your Name . . . Now,
Big Brother Is On Your Flat Screen.

THIS Is What They Want You To See,
THIS Is What They Want You To Hear,
THIS Is What They Want You To Feel.



Here we "Beatlespeak".


All You Need Is Love, Here There & Everywhere.

I’ve Got A Secret, The internet was initially developed for Academia Nuts, As We May Think. To unite us all, (Dyslexics’ untie).

But, What the Bleep do we Know!