Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Begining

And while the topic of discussion will be on many matters
Beatle in nature, the site is in NO way associated with Apple Corp.

However; Their Blessing would be most appreciated.

Welcome Home!

After all, there’s no place you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be!

If you were there then, you’re there now. If you haven’t been there yet, no worries,
it will always be there for you.

There’s a place . . . where . . . Nothing is real.

The Dream isn’t over, it’s only just begun, if we can all sing together then the Universe is 1.

I used to think I was a neoLennonest,
but the longer I listen, I begin to see that Peace and Love are Georgeian as well, a Paulajest too!
Peace & Love. . .
. . . That’s so Ringo!

Somewhere between Please Please Me and In The End I embraced The Beatles In My Life.
Ask Me Why All You Need Is Love? I Want to Tell You!

New-Speak is the Language of a Utopia.

Utopia means unattainable, but Nineteen Eighty Four is Now,
The Boots of Fear, Death and War Are Marching either On You or In Your Name . . . Now,
Big Brother Is On Your Flat Screen.

THIS Is What They Want You To See,
THIS Is What They Want You To Hear,
THIS Is What They Want You To Feel.



Here we "Beatlespeak".


All You Need Is Love, Here There & Everywhere.

I’ve Got A Secret, The internet was initially developed for Academia Nuts, As We May Think. To unite us all, (Dyslexics’ untie).

But, What the Bleep do we Know!

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