Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Came Back: LOVE

You Came Back!
With the exceptions of the Ninety somethingers’
only entomologists and certain Egyptian Mystery religions need ask,
“The bugs or the band?”

(For 20 points-What 70’s Band featured a Scarab as continuing theme in their album art?)

A little while ago someone put a bug in my ear about “What The Bleep - Down the Rabbit Hole” An Introduction towards understanding Kaballah for the rest of us.

All You Need is Love, All You Need is Love, Love is ALL You Need.

Peace & Love = The Beatles ! Right?
The only song in the catalog that mentions both is
Within You Without You”.

Yet another song that must have prompted Pete Townshend to write
“. . .Messiahs Pointed to The Door, But No One had The Guts to Leave the Temple “,
Who knew, So true, all too true, But I digress.

Love, It’s all about Love!

For the moment, I need to know, have you seen LOVE yet?
If no, make arrangements to go and experience it, NOW.
Have you heard LOVE?, No? OMG! Get it, NOW!!!
(Oh, how I wish you could just download it with a couple of clicks, but….
. . .Hey! Bea-AT-el! EMI! APPLE! - when? HUH! . . .H U H!!! yeesh!)
It is genius, genius on top of genius.

You Love Because, Right?!,

You Love it on the Third Anthology?, Right?,

You’ll Love Because on LOVE Because!

It is a fusion of A Day In The Life, The End, Free As A Bird, A Hard Days Night
into Get Back into Glass Onion…

LOVE IT--- It is truly Tantric!

But we were talking about Love. Love Is all you need. Agape! It is the feeling,

Is the whirling of a Dervish or the chanting of Zen Buddhist Monks a preparation for Prayer?

It is the prayer

It is Agape, it is Love, it is the space between us all, Love Is all And Love Is Everyone.

Listen: Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Bose-Einstein, Listen, Intention is everything; Intention affects everything that is In My Life. Choose what I think wisely, There is no out there Out There!

No place where we end and everything else begins –We are all connected.

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together".

Is it All Too Much?
Show me that I'm everywhere and get me home for tea!

And while the topic of discussion
will be on many matters

Beatle in nature,
this site is in NO way associated with Apple Corp.

However; Their Blessing would be most appreciated.

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